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Enjoy the taste of 100% veggie delights at Yummy Temptations
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About Us

One Of The Indian Vegetarian Restaurants in Mississauga

Yummy Temptations is one of the greatest vegetarian Indian restaurants in Mississauga that delivers delicious veggie food to your doorstep. We only serve 100% pure vegetarian food at our restaurant, and for your convenience, we provide services including delivery, takeout, tiffin, corporate lunch, and catering.
We provide a wide range of vegetarian cuisines including Appetizers and Snacks, Chinese Items, Chaats, Burgers, Pasta, Sweets, Drinks, and much more. Our dishes are prepared with care and pure and fresh veggies by our experienced chefs.
You do not need to come to us to eat delicious vegetarian food but we bring your meal to your space or home because we respect your time. You can place your order through our website or by contacting us that’s it and after we will deliver fresh and hot delights to your doorstep. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and place your order now!


As Indian Vegetarian Restaurants in Mississauga, We Provides Below Services

Takeout and Delivery

As one of the Indian restaurants in Mississauga, Yummy Temptations provides takeout and delivery services for your convenience. You just need to place your order through our website or direct contact us and we will ready your order for takeout or deliver it to your doorstep.


We offer catering services for your special events whether it’s a birthday party, corporate event, gathering, or any small to large event we will be here to cater to your needs according to your requirements. Make your events memorable by impressing your guests with delicious meals.


We offer tiffin service at our Yummy Temptations restaurant, and our tiffin service is perfect for everyone whether you are a student or a working professional. You will never disappointed with our vegetarian meal. So what are you waiting for? Book your tiffin from Yummy Temptations.

Corporate Lunch

The fresh and hot lunch makes your day! Ar Yummy Temptations we offer corporate lunch services to make a memorable lunch experience for you and your team. We have customized menu options for your lunch needs. Place your order now to create moments with a delicious meal.

Discover Our Wide Range Menu of Indian Vegetarian Dishes

Best Samosa in Mississauga
Best Jumbo Aloo Tikki in Mississauga
Best Mumbai Special Vada Pav in Mississauga
Best Vada Pav with Cheese in Mississauga
Best Samosa with Chana in Mississauga
Best Jumbo Aloo Tikki with Chana in Mississauga
Best Kulche Chole in Mississauga
Best signature Chilli Lava Vada Pav in Mississauga
Best Chandni Chowk Bhalla Papri Chaat in Mississauga
Best Dahi Bhalla Chaat in Mississauga
Best Jumbo Tikki Chaat in Mississauga
Best Bar Style Masala Peanuts in Mississauga
Best Med White Sauce Pasta in Mississauga
Best Large White Sauce Pasta in Mississauga
Best Cheese Garlic Bread in Mississauga
Best Med Red Souse Pasta in Mississauga
Best Large Red Souse Pasta in Mississauga
Best signature exotic Garlic Bread in Mississauga
Best signature Crispy Spring Roll in Mississauga
Best Veg Manchurian Dry in Mississauga
Best Veg Noodles in Mississauga
Best Veg Steamed Momos in Mississauga
Best Chilli Paneer in Mississauga
Best Honey Chilli Potato in Mississauga
Best Veg Fried Rice in Mississauga
Best Paneer Steamed Momos in Mississauga
Best Aloo Tikki Noodle Burger, Fries, and Pop in Mississauga
Best Naan Kulche Chole, and Pop in Mississauga
Best Stuffed Kulcha, Jumbo Tikki Chole, and Pop in Mississauga
Best Aloo Tikki Cheese Burger, Fries, and Pop in Mississauga
Best loaded Fries and Pop in Mississauga
Best Stuffed Kulcha Vada Pav and Pop in Mississauga
Best Noodle Manchurian Balls with Gravy and Pop in Mississauga
Best Paneer Momos, Crispy Spring Roll, and Pop in Mississauga
Best Aloo Tikki Noodels Burger in Mississauga
Best Aloo Tikki Burger With Cheese in Mississauga
Best signature Chilli Lava Burger in Mississauga
Best French Fries in Mississauga
Best Peri Peri Fries in Mississauga
Best Poutine in Mississauga
Best Special Masala Chai in Mississauga
Best Shakes in Mississauga
Best Ice Crushed Lemonade Without Fizz In Mississauga
Best Masala Lemonade with Fizz in Mississauga
Best Chocolate Milk in Mississauga
Best Lassi in Mississauga
Best Mojito in Mississauga
Best Water Bottle in Mississauga

Are You Hungry? We Will Bring Your Meal To Your Doorstep!

Our Highlights

Why Choose Us

Experience The Deliciousness At Our Indian Vegetarian Restaurants in Mississauga

As one of the veg restaurants Mississauga Yummy Temptations offers authentic flavors of Indian veggie delights, and every dish is crafted with care, and passion.
We have a team of professional and experienced chefs who have the expertise and understanding to prepare Indian cuisines that satisfy your cravings.
We set an easy ordering system on our website where you can browse our menu, select your favorite food dish, and place your order within a few clicks.
At Yummy Temptations we provide fast delivery to deliver fresh and hot food quickly to your doorsteps. You do not need to wait any longer when you order food from us.
We always provide qualitative services and food at every step, because your satisfaction is our success and we only use natural ingredients in our dishes, we don’t use any artificial colors in our food items.


See What Foodies' Feedback On Our Vegetarian Dishes

Borhan Borhano
Borhan Borhano
I never tried Indian food earlier and the Bhalla papri chaat was my first. I really loved it especially the mix of yogurt and tamarind they prepared. It has blended so well and was very fresh & delicious. I highly recommend yummy temptations.👍👍
Arun Kumar
Arun Kumar
I searched in chat gpt for Indian vegetarian fresh fast food with a no long wait culture and found this list attached and tried food from all but I would say yummy is the real temptation.
Shikha Dhawan
Shikha Dhawan
One of the best places in Mississauga for Veg Indian food. I tried their Manchurian, Noodles, Papri Chaat, Fried Momos. The portion size and the quality is really good. Must try for Indian Veg lovers !!
Jagdeep Rana
Jagdeep Rana
I really love yummy temptation food. I heard of this place from one of my friend last month and now I already ordered from this place couple of time. I have tried Mumbai vada , Ludhiana kulche , chaat and momos and everything is super delicious. Packaging is also really good. I really recommend this place.
Tanish Narang
Tanish Narang
I loved the way they serve Everything delicious 😋 Everything was really nice
Rajat Dhawan
Rajat Dhawan
The food is really delicious, especially chinese dishes - Manchurian, chili garlic noodles and Momos. Update : Tried Tikki cholle, Vada pav and stuffed kulche. They were awesome 👌
Rinni Thakur
Rinni Thakur
Quality, taste and dedication while preparing food all u can notice with every bite u take. I placed order for Navratri thali and Samosa which was super delicious. Please guys must visit this place u will not regret it😇😌
Manpreet Kaur
Manpreet Kaur
I tried the mumbai style vada pav at yummy temptations. It was so fresh and taste was amazing. The packaging was also very nice to carry. I would love to try more items next time.
I’m still dreaming about my meal at Yummy Temptations ! Each bite was a delight, and the presentation just blew me away. Don’t miss out on trying their [Navratri thali].” If you’re a foodie like me, you’ll love this place!
Lakshya Dhawan
Lakshya Dhawan
I ordered the veg momos and the Manchurian. The momos were amazing and the Manchurian was an absolute delight for the taste buds. Would definitely recommend and order from here again!!

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